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Aspects of Cracking SSC CGL 2016 Wisely

An empty sac cannot stand alone, so people willing to crack SSC exams need guidance that can lead them to success. This year the vacancies are very less in compared to other years so it is quite sure that effort is always needed but in a needy way and implementing your efforts wisely is must.Cracking SSC CGL 2016 in first attempt in not an easy task, it requires hard work, motivation and a time table that you can follow; these three things are must not only for cracking SSC exams but for cracking any government job.

craking ssc cgl 2016 wisely

You might have read these things earlier also but without any delay I want to share few quick things that you can adopt in your daily routine that will surely help you in getting much help in maximizing you marks and cracking SSC CGL 2016.

Craking SSC CGL  & Studying Wisely

gogk site cracking ssc cgl 2016

Read out the syllabus and pick some topics you are un aware, it is very obvious that ssc wants to know only if you have knowledge of that particular stuff or not. So try to cover those topics in quick session, you don’t need to be a master, neither after getting a job you will be asked to discuss to about those topics. You do not need to be an expert ,rather I would say try to be Jack Of All Trades instead of Master in One , this is the key many aspirants use for cracking ssc cgl 2016 . If you have no time left in your ssc exams then start looking questions that appeared in previous year’s questions you will notice they follow a particular pattern, you need to catch that pattern and get going. Try to understand from previous questions, are they based on formulas; don’t miss those formulas especially for math’s section.

  • Lastly my quick tip is you need not to try solving all questions, the best part of SSC is you don’t need to qualify in each section, you must focus on any of the two sections from English, Math’s , General Awareness and Reasoning more efficiently.


Don’t try to solve 100 questions in 75 min which is not possible though, left those questions that create doubt in your mind (might be possible for exceptional students) but here we are discussing about Cracking SSC, and not about being Exceptional. All that matters is a reputable job with which you can secure your future and improve your livelihood.

So this is the first post of our blog Gogk.in, hope you have enjoyed and don’t forget to read our next post on Subject wise Quick Tips for Cracking SSC CGL 2016. And after that soon we will start updating shortcut general awareness questions that are repeated in various staff selection exams. Though this blog of ours is new we are looking for serious contributors and if you have any suggestions or questions that might help other aspirants ping us from our contact us page and we will credit you with your name and Facebook link on our blog that will provide you exposure over internet.



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