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Important Questions of GK for SSC CGL and RRB NTPC

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In this post I have collected few important questions that are always repeated in exams and have been presented in such a way that you can memorize them easily, though these are very common questions of GK for SSC CGL and RRB NTPC, don’t miss them. There is a chance that from our part I you may get few questions in your next exams , also we are panning for part II , that will be soon published after detailed analysis of various exams, without any delay let’s get in to action.

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Now I will start with our collection of most repeated Questions of GK for SSC CGL

  • Baking Soda is also known as: Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Washing Soda is also known as: Sodium carbonate
  • Highly Volatile chemical is: Yellow Phosphorus
  • Chemical that is used Matches (Machis): Red Phosphorus
  • What is used in making Bread, Sweets etc.: Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Used in photography : Sodium Thiosulphate and Silver Bromide
  • Sea Water is salty due to the presence of : Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride and magnesium carbonate

Questions of GK for SSC CGL

  • In Rainy Season Salt Moistures Because : Presence of Impure Magnesium Oxide
  • Tear Gas has : Chlorine and ammonia
  • Which metal is present in Chlorophyll : Magnesium
  • What is Milk of magnesia related to : Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Name ore of Aluminum : Bauxite
  • Bones and teeth are made up of : Calcium and sodium
  • Plaster of Paris also used in fracture formula :2CASO4.H2O
  • For Cleaning of water : Chlorine is used
  • Ore of Iron : Hematite
  • Hardness of Steel is due to : Manganese
  • Lime water is also known as: Calcium Hydroxide
  • What is also termed as False Gold : Iron Pyrite
  • What is the color of copper sulphate : Blue
  • What is used in Rat Killer : Zinc Sulphide
  • What is added in Gold for its Hardening : Copper is added because gold is soft
  • Which metal is in liquid form : Mercury
  • Which chemical is used in tooth paste we use daily : Magnesium Carbonate
  • What is the ratio of RBC to WBC : 600:1
  • Blood Bank uses for preserving Blood : Sodium Citrate
  • Ram Krishna Mission founded by : Swami Vivekananda
  • Aatmaram panduranga Founded : Pratham Samaj
  • Swami dayanand saraswati founded : Arya Samaj
  • Southern most point of India is : INDIRA POINT ( which is submerged in sea in 2004 by Tsunami)
  • Capital of Colombia : BOGOTA
  • Chromosomes are made up of : DNA and protein
  • Ph value of blood is : 7.2 (basic)
  • Symbiotic Relationship between algae and Fungus is LICHEN
  • X rays and Sound waves are Longitudinal waves
  • Silicon Valley of India is : Bengaluru
  • Pushkar mela relates to Rajasthan
  • Dynamite is related to a person ALFRED NOBLE

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So these are few quick repeated questions of GK for SSC CGL ,Railways ,various Central and State Government exams. Hope this post of mine will help aspirants to learn something that add something more to their knowledge. Soon we will come up with our next part in that we will include more such questions , if we missed something then don’t hesitate to tell us.



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