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Learn all the important facts related to GOVERNMENT POLICIES  SSC CGL  UPSC , important for prelims.

Quick Look on Government policies  SSC cgl  UPSC

  1. Lodha Committee Report
  • Function: Report on working of BCCI to Apex Court
  • Basic Recommendations: Present status as to how cricket is run and how to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Recommended policy of ‘One State, One member, One Vote’.
  • Separating IPL from other working of BCCI.
  • Introduction of 3 new designated positions: Ombudsman, electoral officer and ethics officer.
  • BCCI should come under RTI.
  • Legalization of betting with good and strong guidelines.
  • Establishment of player’s association, whose members shall be all retired Indian International and 1st class players. They should be retired no less than 5 years.
  • Government policies for ssc cgl and UPSC
  1. President promulgates on Enemy Property Ordinance
  • Enemy property under Defense of India Act states those lands and companies whose owner has left India to Pakistan in 1947.
  • Central government had vested the enemy properties to the Enemy Properties of India (Custodian).
  1. Bill on Transport and Road Safety
  • Its aim is to reduce accidents by 50%.
  • During past decade over 10 lakh people have been killed in road accidents.
  • Its purpose is to introduce new technology for better safety. Sell of cheaper spare parts for vehicles. Amendments to Motor Vehicles Act.
  • India still follows the old traditional policy of “Driver’s fault” in case of any accident.
  1. Nayi Manzil Scheme
  • Aim: To ensure quality skill education for minorities for better job opportunities.
  • It has been introduced in J&K firstly by Najma Heptulla, Minister for minority affairs.
  • GoI and World Bank ratified a $50 mil for this.
  • It also aims to provide loans for minorities to start-up new enterprises.
  • It shall cover people between the age 17-35.
  • Minimum 30% is allotted for minority girls.
  1. India stands 76th on CPI
  • Presently India moved to 76th position (from 85th position) with countries like Brazil, Thailand etc sharing the position.
  • Denmark remains the least corrupt country.
  • Pakistan continues to ignore their sorry state of affairs as they ranked 117th, worse in SAARC.
  • China is at rank 83, Bangladesh at 139 while Bhutan ranked 27, best in SAARC.
  • Half of G20 nations have serious corruption issues.
  1. Kilkari Project
  • Government will soon introduce mobile voice message service i.e. Kilkari Project.
  • It will give weekly texts to families on nutrition, family planning, pregnancy and child care.
  • The application is given by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates foundation.
  1. Software-‘Anubhav’
  • It’s introduced by Dept. of Pension and Pensioners.
  • It aims to show the best works of an retiring employee to share his/her experience for new employees.
  1. Apex Court on Kerala’s Liquor Prohibition policy
  • Supreme Court has approved Kerala’s version of Liquor prohibition policy which bars anyone to drink in public and serving liquor in hotels.
  • Kerala accounts for about 14% of India’s liquor consumption.
  • Article 47 of the Constitution: The state shall endeavor to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purposes of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health.
  • It will close down 70 bars and about serving alcohol in about 20 hotels.
  1. National Development Council (NDC) to be eliminated
  • NDC is likely to be scrapped and its powers will be transferred to NITI Aayog’s Governing Council.
  • By brining it in NITI aayog the state governments will have a much greater say in its affairs.

Government policies ssc cgl UPSC

  1. MOIA to merge with MEA
  • Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs likely to be merged with Ministry of External Affairs as there is no point in having two ministries having same staff.
  • It will quicken its functions as there will not be any duplication of works.
  1. Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission
  • It will replace UPA govt.’s provision of urban amenities in rural regions.
  • It will provide local entrepreneurship, skill development, infrastructure amenities and various economic activities.
  • It will help in all round growth in rural regions.
  • Its one the major aim is to lower the burden of urban regions by empowering rural areas.
  • 100 clusters will be benefited for the current year and 200 more for upcoming two years.
  1. A Decade of MGNREGA
  • World Development Report termed it as ‘Stellar example of rural development’ in 2014.
  • This has lowered poverty by more than 30% between 2005 and 2012.
  • It has provided benefit to 276 million workers by producing 19.86 billion person-days of employment.
  • 57% of total workers are women which is much higher than proposed 33%.
  • It has empowered Gram Panchayats.
  • This Act Guarantees a work of minimum 100 days in a year.
  1. Swachh Survekshan
  • It has been started by Ministry of Urban Development to study the working of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
  • It will oversee all state capitals and other 53 cities.
  • Mysuru has ranked as most clean city in India, Chandigarh ranked 2nd followed bt Tiruchi.
  • Out of maximum 2000 points, 60% were on solid waste management, 30% on toilet construction and 5% on sanitation.
  • 2
  1. HL Dattu became chairperson, NHRC
  • Former CJI was chosen to be Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission.
  • NHRC is an autonomous public body under Human rights ordinance.
  • It has been given statutory basis by the protection of human rights Act, 1993.
  • The Chairperson is appointed by Honorable President on the recommendation of a committee consisting of:
  1. The Prime Minister (Narendra Modi)
  2. The Home Minister (Rajnath Singh)
  • Leader of Opposition of Lok Sabha (Milikaranjan Kharge)
  1. Leader of opposition, Rajya Sabha (Ghulam Nabi Azad)
  2. Speaker of Lok Sabha (Sumitra Mahajan)
  3. Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha ( J. Kurien)

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Government policies  ssc cgl UPSC








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