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Important Article of Our Constitution For SSC CGL

Today we will learn about Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL 2016, that often come in various exams.Let’s learn Questions from the constitution, It has been a favorite spot for the question setters and mostly direct questions are asked. It is quite impossible for anyone to memorise all the article so we have picked some Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL , for our viewers that are often repeated in exams.

Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL

Let’s Start Talking About  Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL

To very frank we will not be using any bookish language, we will try to provide you an Idea so that you can easily understand and adopt things that has been said in the post related to Important Article of Our Constitution For SSC CGL

Article 15 :

Discrimination on terms of caste, race and sex is not allowed in our constitution. To remember this you need to remember the keyword of this article that is DISCRIMINATION. So from now onwards when we will discuss Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL , then we will BOLD the keywords so that you can easily adopt these bold words in your mind.Rather we would suggest you to create your own magic words so that you will try to collect even more knowledge from the articles mentioned over here.

Article 17 : Untouchalbility

Article 18 : Abolition of Titles 

Article 19 : Fredom of Speech and Expression.

Article 21: Right to life. It is the fundamental right of our that will have its weightage even in the case of emergency

Article 21(A) : Right to Education

Article 22 : If arrested in detention you need to hire a lawyer.

Article 39 : I have mentioned article 39 just below article 22 because , they are simultaneoulsy related with each other. AS according to article 39 if due to various reasons (say proverty) you are unable to hire a lawyer, you state will provide you a lawyer for you.

Article 24 : Basically related to Child labour (Under age of 14)

Article 48 : Related to Slaughter productive  Cows and calves, protection of animal husbandry.

Article 51 A : Fundamental Duties ( 11 in numbers)

Article 52 : The President

Article 61 : Impeachment of the President

Article 63 : Vice Precident

Article 64 : Ex officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha ( Vice President)

Article 76 : Attorney General of India

Article 78 : Attorney general can preside both the upper house and lower house but cannot take part in vote.

Article 80 : Max Rajya Sabha Members

Article81 : Max Lok sabha Members

Article 124 : Supreme court of India

Article 214 : High Cour of India

Article 148: CAG

Article 370 ; Jammu & Kashmir Special Dominion Status

Article 108 : JOint session of Lok sabha & Rajya Sabha

Article 123 : Ordinance of President

Article 213 : Ordinance of Governor

Article 110 A : Money Bill passes in Lok sabha Only 

Article 111 : It cannot be send for reconsideration by president

Article 153 : Same Governor can become governor of more than one state 

Article 368 : Amendments

Article 343 to 351 : Hindi as Official language

Article 352 : National Emergency

Article 356 : State Emergency or WE can say President RUle

Article 360 : Financial Emergency , which has not been faced by India Ever.

Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL

So these are few quick and Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL. As there is always a room for improvemnt if you found any fault, you can directly send your feedback we will correct those straight away.


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In our upcoming articles, we will discuss the important Amendments and Schedules but before that have a look on this Important Articles of Our Constitution For SSC CGL , In my opinion, please don’t miss any of the articles as these articles have been collected from various exams



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