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Mobile with Panic Button For Government Exams

If you follow pattern of government exams, you will notice that there is always news something related to Technology, so for now we will share the latest news so that this can help you in your English section in your comprehension and cloze test.Mobile with panic button has been in the news for few days because our technology is changing day by day though it needs more improvement by each surpassing day. To achieve this government implement various plans and methods, being an aspirant of government exams you should be aware about these news. So as soon as we got the news our team thought that it will be interesting as well as informative to share with you all this news as not only this news will help you in your English section with the comprehension but also it will help you to improve your general knowledge. Below we have mentioned the information about mobile with panic button.
Today we have got the news that in the upcoming year a smart feature will be added to our mobile phones, it is confirmed and assured by the Department of Telecommunications that every mobile with a panic button is must and only then it can be sold in India from the upcoming years. Also every mobiles should include global positioning facility too so that to enhance customers feedback , though the main reason behind that is to ensure the safety of women’s, as in today’s era we often come across various inappropriate activities against women.

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Our technology has been spreading its wings speedily though we have lot to improve and a step has been taken by our telecom minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, as the idea of enabling mobile with panic button will be implemented from 2018 and from 2017 all handset manufacturers will be using basically two features in every handset i.e. the global positioning facility that we call GPS and the important one is the function of mobile with a panic button

Quick View on Mobile with panic Button

• To enhance Customer Support
• To ensure that safety of women’s
• Quick response from the nearest security agencies

mobile panic button
Step I : Once you press the panic button, this will alarm the nearest security agencies and you relatives with your location with the help of GPS
Step II : You will be given two options , send help for me or else for others. This also enable you to help someone else who you found in danger without getting noticed by the person.

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Step III : Once you choose for help, then click submit and then security agencies will reach you in 3 minutes which is the proposed time.

How Mobile with Panic Button Works When Pressed

Though it has not been disclosed how your mobile with panic button will work but it is a speculation that when it will be pressed automatically a message will be forwarded to the nearest security agencies with your exact GPS location.

mobile panic button

It has been also said that government is planning for a committee to help the needy people who are in danger to reach them within 3 minutes, so you can expect that in upcoming years every citizen even with a simple phone can feel safe with having a mobile with panic button, also this will surely help in decreasing the crime rate too, because all the escape plan will be failed if security agencies reaches in the scenes within 3 minutes.
Hope this post of mine have helped you with the latest news that we want to provide with our blog. Further plans has been made to improve this feature i.e. mobile with panic button, few we have discussed and some are yet to be finalized, though we have tried to share every news related to the mobile with panic button, but still if we have missed anything you can share that with us, you feed back is always valuable.



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