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REVIEWING AND PASSING IBPS CLERK PRELIMS AND SAFE ATTEMPTS is not an easy task as the paper was easy so everyone is going to attempt more and more questions. The paper was easy so the chances that the cut off may increase this year by +5 to 9 from the previous year.

One of our teammates has attempted the first slot  of 27 NOV and shared helpful information with us that might be useful for the  candidates having their exams on 3rd DEC and 4th Dec.



You might have visited many blogs before you came across this post. Here we will discuss how you can clear the passing cutoff of IBPS CLERK PRELIMS. You need not worry about this. We will give you a detailed analysis of What you need to attempt and what you need not to.

Let’s Start the journey of Passing Ibps Clerk Prelims and safe attempts you need to do with accuracy.

A better start can make you stand out of the crowd. So I would prefer to start with reasoning section.

REASONING SECTION: Start with this section and we will advise you to give 25 minutes to this section in that an average student can attempt 30 questions easily even if he stuck in any of the puzzles.

We will tell You how ? This section starts with a seating arrangement with 8 peoples facing towards the centre and can be easily done with two possible diagrams in the first attempt. Here you will gain 5 marks.

Next comes another seating arrangement were you need to worry that’s the easiest one where you need to arrange 8 persons in a linear arrangement all person facing towards the north. (5 marks)

The next seating arrangement was about placing 8 persons in two linear lines 4 of them facing north and the other 4 facing south which can be considered as a moderate seating arrangement according to some average people.(5 Marks)

InEquality : Easiest of all, you do not even need to copy if some of you copy statements. A harsh tip use pen on computer screen 😀 5 marks

Alpha Numeric Series ( Though the seating arrangement was damn easy and way to better than this, though everyone has its own choice.)

Mixed arrangement ( damn easy 5 marks)with the mixture of symbols, numbers and alphabets

One question on forward-backward counting.

You must attempt in one go of  25 minutes to obtain your easy 30 marks from this section.

MATHS SECTION : Start with Simplification I would suggest and don’t forget to revise the cubes and squares of the numbers as this will not only help you in simplifications but also in series.(10 marks)

Pick out series question revise the pattern (5 marks easily doable)

Jump over to DI section as soon as you are done with the two topics that we have mentioned. (5 marks)

Quickly pick an Average question, Boat and Streams Question and Time and Work question because these word problems are very easy in comparison to others  and all these topics can be done in 25 minutes. Keep a watch on time to as soon as you are left with 15 minutes start English Section. (23 marks  in 25 minutes for average students)

ENGLISH SECTION : It’s worth attempting comprehension if you are not good at finding errors . The language is easy and you can attempt all the questions but if you are not 100% sure then you may leave few.(10 marks )

Then Jump to cloze test, it is as easy as comprehension and you can easily understand the basic funda and can do max out of it.

Error detection might be a problem for few guys, who do not have that knowledge of Grammer. But still, you can do 5 out of 10 by just reading the sentences. As the sentences are so wrong that it will surely click in your mind.

So in 15 minutes you can easily solve 22 out of 30 questions in 15 minutes.Hope this will surely help you passing ibps clerk prelims and safe attempts with gaining 75 marks in prelims with 100% accuracy.









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