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Russian Revolution (Part 1)

Prelude to Russian Revolution of 1917

Czar Alexander II
Russian Revolution

Uprising between 1850-60 which later became a cause for Russian Revolution of 1917 made Czar Alexander II to grant Local Self Government.

This Local Self Government will reform the judicial system and would perform the liberation of serfs.

The Law of 1861 granted legal rights to 22 million serfs.

The law of 1861 had granted legitimate rights to 22 million serfs. The law also authorized their rights over the portion of the land on which they had worked.

However the liberated serfs had to pay their taxes to the states.

The burden of taxation & being without adequate pastures, water supply and forest rights, the serfs were again compelled to work for their previous masters.

Local Self Government of 1861 placed responsibility in the heads of the MIRs or the village communes.

Officials of the MIRs collected taxes. Serfs were also not allowed to freely move in or out of the MIRs.

Key words:

  • MIR- Also called obshchina or commune which ran the village population or dvory. Farmers in a MIR shared the land along with resources.





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