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WBSEDCL INTERVIEW QUESTION ANSWERS AND EXPERIENCE post is all about helping the candidates who are waiting for there interview sessions, In this post, I am going to share my experience and few facts about the panel that might help you in your upcoming WBSEDCL INTERVIEW QUESTION ANSWERS.

As soon as you will enter the Venue you will have to go through document verification, then followed by your name will be called and one of the members will lead you to your respective panel. It is not fixed that which panel you will get. I got panel 2nd, it consists of 3 members and they were very friendly  and helpfull now what exactly happened after I entered in to the room is given below in the form of statements hope this helps and some of you might find this helpful in the hunt of WBSEDCL INTERVIEW QUESTION ANSWERS

Me : As soon as I entered the room I greeted them and asked them May I sit

MEMBER 1 : As I am a non bengali candidate. They asked me in which language you are comfortable(I said HIndi, English, Bengali ) Tell me about your self

Me : I am XYZ , I have been born and brought up here in kolkata. I have completed my scholing from ABC school. My Alma Mater is  ABC college.(Completed my Btech in AUE). Then I bring along an experience of 2 yrs.

MEMBER 2 : Interupted me, what kind of works you were doing in your previous job

ME ; Explained, that I was engaged in customer handling and some field work as I knew this job demads the same.

Then suddenly a member started talking Bengali :  family background jigas korlo.While Explaining I said Ami article likhi and blogging kori.

Ami blogging kori to Oita nie ektu kotha
Bolo tumi try koro ni onno prvt job ..Ami bollam sir khub kom salary dichilo,(one of the members asked koto kom)10k dichilo I said,which was much less than I was getting earlier so I decided to prepare for gov job..nd if I can grab this job I can persue my hobby as well
Then ek Jon bllo then your hobby will over shadow this job, then Ami bollam I can manage sir as I am managing my studies too with this …
Then lastly ek Jon jigas korlo if you get this job ,where you see your self in 1.5 yes Ami ektu blunder korlam I think , Ami bollam I am living in a rented house in these 1.5 years I am willing to have my own house and want to settle down in life.
English holo ..majhe majhe Bengali ..may be to test my Bengali knowledge
Ar eitao explain korlam how I can relate this job from my previous job, earlier I was taking driving test which includes interaction with people , also I was having in the charge of fitness inspector which includes field work also . Then they asked my did you get regular blogging works, I said NO, this is just a part time job sir for livelyhood this is not that sufficient.This was all about WBSEDCL INTERVIEW QUESTION ANSWERS. 


  • Never Ever Lie as they will surely going to caught you.
  • Very cordial and they are asking just questions that are not on your mark sheets or on your CV.
  • Prepare your intro well as most of the questions will be from this.

Lastly all the best to all the candidates and sorry if this post came late.



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