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Tips To Pass Govt Exams By Successful Candidates

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Many of us often thought that if we could get any guidance about how to pass govt exams then we could  easily improve and do better in our exams , for this reason we are going to start a chit chat session of successful candidates of various government job sectors, because only they can guide you in a shortcut way.

pass govt exams
This post will help you to pass govt exams

Though Success doesn’t have any shortcut but you might achieve it quickly if you work accordingly in a right way and that right path will be shared in our Experience Sessions. In our Chit Chat session we will ask government employees of various sections to provide quick tips about their strategies they adopted, so that our readers could also follow those tricks and strategies for grab right livelihood for their life.

We will start Our First Chit Chat Session with a Banker about How To Pass Govt Exams

pass govt exams
Interview questions from gogk.in

Please introduce yourself to our readers

I am Amanpreet Kaur .  Done with my b.sc , b.Ed as qualification.Passed IBPS CLERK V and got placed in CANARA BANK I would be sharing quick tips to pass govt exams that i adopted also, I love to help other aspirants in passing govt exams.

What were your strategies for IBPS or  any tips to pass govt exams ?

Hardwork, practice and tricky approach .

How one should choose preference among various banks

It depends upon your comfort zone . I feel one should prefer bank which offers a possibility to get posted near home .

Do you prefer any coaching Institutions or self-study in enough?

It depends from individual to individual .

How many hours one should study to crack Ibps

I devoted 8-10 hrs / day . I studied in 5+2 format means 5 day I studied and rest 2 day revision

What should be the set Target to achieve a position in upcoming IBPS?

Target ibps po and devote your self towards study, I know its hard to separate yourself from gadgets all around but still you need to work on routine work as competition is getting tougher.

Which Books you would prefer for English, General Banking, Reasoning, Computer and   Math’s’

English – Read maximum editorials (the hindu)

Banking – General basic only from any book .

Reasoning – Only practice from various websites , blog or books,etc .

Computer – Arihant publication books .

Maths- Bsc quicker maths by m.tyra .

What was your expectation from your exams?

I expected that I will clear this time because last year I missed by 1 mark .

How one should maintain accuracy in exams

Attempt only what you know avoid fake attempt .

Have you ever thought that now it’s enough and you might not be able to crack IBPS?

This often happens to anyone who are giving examinations as today you need to be very responsive if you need to pass govt exams. But still cast aside those thoughts and believe in your self.

Any tips for those who are going to appear first time in IBPS

Just focus and practice lot every sections regularly. Also I have mentioned few books you need to checkout those too.

How do you conclude your journey?

Adventurous . As it feels good when after devoting such hard work  you got to know that you are finally a government employee.

Lastly what do you want to say to our readers?

Good luck & practice hard . Try to act on a routine work, follow techniques and enhance your problem solving ability , don’t try to many things in hurry.

We heartily congratulate you on your success, thanks for your precious time though we are really honored to have you on our blog. Hope our readers will surely get boosted from this post and work on your suggestions so that they can also get featured on our blog like you.

pass govt exams
Make sure you pass govt exams

If you also want to get featured on our blog then contact us by the form given below with your results which will not be shared with anyone if any of the successful candidate request we can make his/her image as featured image so that our readers can view them easily and after you send us request that you want to get featured we will get back to you giving you exposure, on the contrary this will also help our blog to grow even more with your valuable suggestions.

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