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Subject Wise Gk tips for Cracking SSC 2016

General Science 12-15
History 7-9
Polity 6-8
Geography 5-7
Economics 4-5
Current Affairs 3-5
Miscellanious 5-8

Before we discuss its important to let newbies know, that they must be  aware of the fact, that in SSC CGL each section compromises 50 marks and qualifying in each section is not compulsory unlike in banking exams, This time there will be no interview in SSC 2016 so there is every possible chance that the cutoff might be high in comparison of previous years you can take this in a positive way too because you need to crack written exam only, and then can expect a job without any harassment of interview.
Now let’s Discuss what you need to look in the  sections at the last moment.

  • Quick Gk tips for Cracking SSC
  • This section includes vast topics and SSC does tries a lot of variation too, it’s hard to predict questions which surely may come in your exams , though experts from our team have chosen topics you can’t miss this year.

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  • Firstly prepare your polity, which means you should be aware of the fact of Indian Constitution, Ex: From where its features have been borrowed, special Articles with articles up to 30 is must, Powers of President followed by Governor and then Powers of Prime Minister followed by Chief Ministers, Amendments, etc.)
  • Secondly I would refer you to go through Science NCERT books of Class 9 and Class 10 which are easily available , and we will also upload those for free.(NB: Ores of Metals, Diseases and there causes, S.I units of measurements, Blood Groups are highly important one should not miss.)
  • Most important Gk tips for Cracking SSC, also includes Current Affairs which are equally important and can make the difference as many of us thinks that it’s not that important, but once you start reading that It will take hardly a day or two to revise if you are a regular follower of our blog as we will be updating current affairs for cracking SSC on regular basis
  • For History you must not miss Harrapan Civilization, Asoka’s Era, Mughal Empire, Revolt of 1857, Making of INC and The Gandhian Era.
    • For Geography and Economics you cannot expect direct questions although don’t hesitate to go through planets with their nicknames, Vivid Seasons of India, About Inflation etc.

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Though general awareness section is voluminous but we have tried to select few imp Gk tips for Cracking SSC you must opt if you have no time. As these topics will surely fetch you marks that might be helpful for cracking SSC exams.

Dont forget to check our previous post on Cracking SSC CGL 2016 and on the contrary,in our next post we will be discussing tips about how to study reasoning and Math’s section for SSC CGL, if you have any suggestions regarding this post please share with us.



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